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Thank you for becoming apart of Richminded. You are now part owner. Once you register you will now have access to your very own Richminded site. You will be able to offer your clients the following services and earn a substantial commission. Here are the services we have to offer and the payouts. *Payouts will be 2 business days after your clients pay.

1. Richminded Kids is a program designed to help kids age 7-18 become entrepreneurs. It is $99 a month. Each child will learn success and business. Each child will become an entrepreneur. There will be weekly classes via webinar/phone and weekly homework assignments. Each child will receive their own web page and Richminded Kids T shirt. You will receive $25 a month for each child you refer. Richminded Kids is a 12 month commitment

2. Richminded Branding Services is professional branding service start up Package for your clients. Each person will get a professional website, a professional designed logo, a designed brochure for their business, a YouTube marketing video for their business that they can promote and business cards all for a low price of $995 $(5000 value). You will be paid $250 for every client you refer that wants to start a business. You can view the awesome work done by our developers on the front page of our website.

3. Richminded Business Credit Services is a firm we work with that will build your clients business credit and get them funding to open a business. They will get $100,000-$250,000 in funding to open a business and also business credit cards to help them with business expenses. We are on a mission to help many people open storefront businesses. The firm will only charge our clients $6000 to get the funding. You will make a $1000 commission off each client you refer.

4. Richminded Credit Repair Services is top notch Credit Repair. We work with a firm that will erase all negatives on anyones credit report and help get their scores in the 700’s. Credit is King! The firm charges $1000 per client and you will make a $250 commission on each client you refer.

5. Richminded Academy is Social Media, business and entrepreneurship one on one training. Each client will receive 1-10 one hour coaching sessions that will help build their mindset and business for success. The academy is only $100 per session(1 hour) and you will receive a $25 commission off each session. You can book your clients up to 15 hours.

6. Richminded Book. The Richminded Book is full of knowledge and value. It has a ton of knowledge in it to help people become successful and put them on the path 2 ownership. It is $20 but worth a million bucks to a person going after their dreams. You will receive a $5 royalty for every book you sell off your website.

7. Richminded Motivational Shirts is a clothing line aimed at people going after their dreams. The shirts are $30 each and you will receive a $10 royalty for each shirt sold.

There are 3 billion consumers out there and many people interested in building businesses, fixing their credit, interested in training, interested in their kids learning entrepreneurship and many people ready to get their businesses branded.


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