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You gotta stop focusing on all these distractions to keep you losing.

? Haters and Dream killers ?
There are countless negative people around you that can’t wait to see you lose ? and will not support you. They are some of your friends, family, people on your friends list, people you work with etc.
? Tell all lies visually aka Television ? All these reality shows are made to dumb you down. Successful people spend their time reading ? and feeding their brain success through books.
? The Media and Fake News? There are barely any positive images of us on the news. It’s almost always death and destruction and it’s used to brainwash you into hating your own skin color.
? The Music being played to us on the airwaves ? Stop listening to music that tells you to pop pills take Molly, trap, kill each other, that women are bitches, hoes, thots and songs that promote contribution to the 73% single household rate in our communities.
? Your Job that wants to overwork you take up all your time ? and underpay you. These jobs are made for you to be their paid slaves and profit off your greatness. You are just a number to them and they will work you until you are in that coffin ??
? Impressing brokeminded people. You are literally buying every materialistic item to impress people who don’t care about you. ? Instead you can take that money and start building businesses, investing in your creativity and helping yourself win.

If we stop with the distractions and start focusing on creating wealth, proving our haters wrong, and doing BIG things life would be great for all of us.

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