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Let me give you some insight on haters. They are miserable souls. They thrive on seeing you fail. They spend all of their energy hoping and wishing you become sick, that you lose your marriage, that you lose your job, get foreclosed on, get your car repossessed ?and that you lose everything in life. Their very focus in life is to see you LOSE. They can’t wait to feel good about themselves because everything is going so bad for you. They are never around to uplift you, to give you words of encouragement, to support you, to help you win. When people speak of the devil it’s not some guy in a red suit holding a pitch fork with two horns on his head it’s some of the people you think are your friends, people who you call family, people that are in your social media circle, people that you work with, people that you would go to war with. You never know who is who hating on your success but I can tell you that you need to keep pushing, keep going and do not let none of these dream killers or haters stop you.


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