Building a Killer Personal Brand for Johnny Cupcakes // Branding + Design

Building a Killer Personal Brand for Johnny Cupcakes


Johnny Earle is the founder of Johnny Cupcakes, a Boston-based, multi-million dollar t-shirt brand with an insanely loyal following. As a dynamic and entertaining speaker, Johnny needed a personal website that communicated who he is and deliver an experience that would illuminate his inspiring talks. We approached Johnny?s personal brand as we would any big brand ? determine the unique position and bring it to life. We needed to help his audience uncover his story, garner information about his topics, and book engagements. Johnny loves creating wild print pieces so to build hype around the launch, we created an accordion-style brochure that would be sent to each new inquiry. Since it?s launch, the website has catapulted Johnny?s speaking career to unbelievable heights, landing keynotes at Inbound, TedX, Gillette, McDonalds, Marriott, Apple, Inc., L?Oreal, and more.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL ?Richminded has been crucial collaborators on my special projects. I?ve never worked with such personable people ? that is what separates them. They work at 110% and they get results.? Johnny Earle, Founder


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