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Gannett is not only an award-winning news organization, but a modern media and storytelling company acting as a force for the greater good. Gannett partnered with Motto to name and design the brand for Humankind, a digital video brand for the social media generation that tells powerful stories of people performing positive acts, sharing special relationships, and overcoming great odds.


Gannett executives approached Richminded when the idea for Humankind was just taking shape, offering us an opportunity to help build it from the ground up. Starting with the name, ?Inspiration Nation,? the original name did not lend itself to the stories Gannett wanted to tell. They were looking to launch a new brand of video content that resonates with people emotionally, stands apart from other video brands, and sparks sharing using a social-first strategy. After testing the MVP on USA Today, it was time to take things to the next level. We were tasked with coming up with the new name, developing a positive and inspirational brand voice, designing a robust identity system, and designing motion graphics & animation for their video content.


? Brand Identity

? Strategy & Position

? Naming

? Brand?Richminded

? Copywriting

? Art & Creative Direction

? Motionography

? Animation

? Social Media Graphics

? Logo Animations, Show Open & Quotes

? Name Tags & Credits


?Our hearts exploded with love for everything the Richminded team created for Humankind.?

??Lauren Ready, Senior Video Producer, Gannett


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