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Richminded Prayer

Praying to God the Richminded Way

Let me show you how to pray ?? the richminded way.
If You ask God for strength he will give you difficulties to make you strong ??
If you ask him for wisdom he will give you problems to solve ?
If you ask him for prosperity he will give you the brains and energy to put in that work ?
If you ask him for courage he will give you dangers to overcome ?
If you ask him for patience he will place you in situations where your ARE FORCED TO WAIT ?
If you ask him for love he will give you troubled people to help ???
If you ask him for favor he will present opportunities to become successful ?
If you ask for everything so that you could enjoy life he will give you life so that you can enjoy everything ?

Moral of the Story: You will receive nothing you want from him but EVERYTHING you need from him. Let’s get it ?

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  1. Ella VictoriA
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    This was a very divine message to support a person that wants to transition to a greater standpoint.
    They say “be careful of what you ask for”, UNDERSTANDING what you’re asking for is just as important. I think the insight given through you can help humans to understand when you ask God for that, he will give you this. Not what you want but what you need in order to reach your righteous goals.


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