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RICHMINDED is a combination of building your mindset and mastermind brand training to help you create a successful effective brand.


Richminded enables entrepreneurs to invent and change their world by creating their own business brands. Richminded is a highly engaging, fun and comprehensive training program that empowers you to activate and develop your ideas, build entrepreneurial skills and grow your confidence. Our students will develop business ideas, write business plans, launch their own fully formed companies and build their social movements. Through our support and mentorship, you will learn how to take an idea and turn it into a successful business. We teach our students financial, business and entrepreneurial practices that will directly translate into lifelong learning.



Credit Repair

Richminded has a team of credit repair specialists that will repair your credit. Having good credit is the lifeline of your business. It enables you to obtain funding for things like expansion, capital expenditures, research and development It is the principal contributing factor to your business?s future growth. Good credit also allows you to keep the cash you have to cover your cost of doing business. It?s not just about getting access to financing; credit has increasingly become the primary vehicle for setting terms on loans, determining insurance premiums, and even setting lease payments. Good credit can earn you lower rates, strengthening your cash flow. ?

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Financial Advisors?

Our Richminded financial advisors team provides everyday families and individuals with financial solutions, guidance, and tools, to meet their needs across all life stages. Our financial advisors, who are among the best trained in the business, offer personalized service combined with a solid, long-term approach and fresh thinking. We invite you to join us in helping our communities create wealth.

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Small Business Start-Up

Our Small Business Start-Up Package is custom made for new businesses that need to hit the ground running with well-designed marketing tools. Get all of the key pieces you need to begin branding and marketing your business ? in one place and in one affordable package. This package is designed to help you get the core tools?you need to begin engaging customers and building your?company?s image. The package includes four or more of the items described below.


Richminded Kids

Richminded Kids enables children to invent and change their world by creating their own business brands. The Richminded Kids Academy is a highly engaging, fun and comprehensive training program that empowers young adults to activate and develop their ideas, build entrepreneurial skills and grow their confidence.

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Richminded Project

The Richminded Project is a startup incubator that invests in Young Entrepreneurs. We find brilliant ideas where traditional investors don?t look and provide them with seed capital, and the tools they need to thrive. As an investor in The Richminded Project, you?ll own stock in a portfolio of innovative, high-growth potential startups started by young entrepreneurs.

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