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  1. I’m about to drop a TRUTH BOMB ? on all of you.

The reasons people WON’T join your opportunity or support your business IS NOT:
? because they don’t have the money
? because the opportunity or business isn’t good
? because they are worried about being scammed
? because the profit margins aren’t high enough
? because the demand for the product isn’t wide enough
? because they need to ask their spouse first
? because they need a night to sleep on it
? because they need more time to research the company.
? because they need to get on the phone with you to join.
? because they have to ask other people on facebook to see if you’re a good sponsor.
? because they need to see your bank account to prove the results
? because they don’t believe in it

All of that is BULLSHIT EXCUSES don’t fall for it

The reason they don’t join your business opportunity or support you when you open a business is because they have been conditioned by society to be a consumer of goods and not a producer of goods
They have been conditioned to buy “education” but not to buy “training”
They have been conditioned to have a “job” but not to own a “business”
They have been conditioned to be a worker but not be a boss.
They have been conditioned to think things like online marketing is a SCAM even in 2017 where digital is taking over everything analogue!!

They are “unthinkers.” and nogetters who are intimidated by the prospect of losing an insignificant amount of money aka weekly paychecks that’s wayyyy below their worth
and intimidated by anything that challenges their concept of “safety”
That is what this is really about. Its about grown adults, who are so afraid of learning, and stepping out of their comfort zones, and being paralyzed by their fears. It’s about being comfortable and caring what other people might think. It’s about their family thinking they are a FAIL if they do anything besides a JOB. Stop wasting your time trying to save them. They are too far gone. Just flow with the gogetters who are about this life.

That is why young people succeed so often in entrepreneurship, and its why only the courageous step into the limelight and claim their place as leaders.
If you want RICHMINDED advice – –
Stop looking for people without money who need money – if those people knew how to make money to begin with they wouldn’t be in such a bad financial position.
Instead start looking for personalities who have an attitude of courage.
Those are the only people who will become the leaders and producers for your company in the future.
The rest are just wasting your time, and feeling better about themselves by vetting an opportunity they never plan to take advantage of.

Keep it Real.

Choose your team carefully.

They will be your legacy.

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