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What is Richminded?

What is Richminded?


The Richminded brand was designed to promote economic empowerment, and change no getters into go getters. Our mission is to inspire others into being dream chasers, goal diggers, self made entrepreneurs, business starters, and to always be in a rich mindset. We strive for excellence and help you become a successful business brand. We will help you fix your credit, We will help you get funding for your business, We will help motivate you, We will stand with you, We will help you keep a Rich Mindset.

Our brand wants you to stop making other people rich, stop building other people?s dreams, and get more worth for our precious time. We want you to start creating wealth for your families. We want you to recognize that these entrepreneurship opportunities that are presented to change lives are life changing.

We want you to save, invest, go all out for success, travel, do better, and live a great life. We also want you to open up healthy businesses.

We want you can to start working on your dreams, start fixing your finances, start building your credit, start your own business, so your fate won’t be in the?hands of others, so that you are able to tell others how you BOUNCED BACK from adversity and how you are going all out to be successful as you want to be.

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  1. Ray smith

    Blessings for your empowering messages on social media!

  2. BennY lloker

    This is great !

  3. Venice

    Great mission statement!

  4. Alexis Bond

    This is awesome. The website is great and I cannot wait to be a financial advisor.

  5. George baskerville

    So proud and invested in this foundation to freedom


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